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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Amani Leadership Coaching and Consulting  can help you achieve the results you desire in your personal and professional life. While we have developed specific coaching methodology that helps clients improve their performance, part of our coaching philosophy revolves around the following precepts:

Align the Different Aspects of Your Being

Just like a diamond, human beings are multi-faceted. These facets include the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental aspects of our beings. If any of these facets are out of alignment, success can be more difficult to achieve. Learning to align these aspects of ourselves leads to sustainable results and success.

Actualize Your Potential

To have a truly meaningful life, each human being must learn how to use their gifts and talents to their full potential. One of the most fulfilling quests of life is for each of us to actualize our potential through the gifts, talents, skills, and abilities that we are blessed to have in order to help others.

Spend Time Doing that Things That You Love

Find a way to spend quality time everyday with those that  you love and doing the things that you love. Doing the things, we enjoy and being with the people we want to be with makes life enjoyable. With determination, goal setting and hard work you can achieve your goals and get to where you want to go in order to be a success.

Know Your Values

Knowing your values and living them is one of the keys to a successful life. It is important to know what your values are in order to be happy. If love, health, family, spirituality, financial abundance, and service are important to you ensure that you are living those values the best way you know how.

Know Your Priorities

While it is important to know what your values are, it is also paramount to be aware of the competing priorities in your life. There will be many competing priorities between your personal and professional life. Knowing how to prioritize them ensures that we are leading the best life possible.

Know How to Handle Life’s Challenges

We know that life is a gift. Each one of us has many blessings to be thankful for. We must be able to enjoy and thank God for our blessings. It is good to have an attitude to of gratitude. As there are beautiful parts of life, inevitably there will also be challenges. For the challenges it is important that each of us has toolbox of skills and practical support that we can draw upon for resiliency. This toolbox can help us deal with any challenge or issue that arises in our lives. Aligning with our spiritual or moral compass can certainly help us with life’s challenges.

Living a Life of Service

 It is wonderful to be ambitious in life, especially when you are pursuing goals that are meaningful. We all want good health, loving relationships, and abundance in all areas of our lives. Service to others is one of life’s highest callings. Success and abundance are much more meaningful when along life’s journey you are of service to others along that journey.

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